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About LDMA

Introducing the Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association (LDMA) Lifetime & Annual Membership, your all-access pass to the world of outdoor adventure, including gold mining, treasure hunting, gems, fishing, ATV/UTV off road, kayaking, hiking, photography, astronomy, crafts, geocaching, camping and more in some of the most picturesque locations across the United States. With this exclusive membership, you’ll be granted access to LDMA’s premium properties and campgrounds, where you can experience the thrill of the outdoors while creating unforgettable memories with family and friends.

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Available through June 30th Or Until Sold Out

Only 100 of Each Membership Option Available

What Are The Membership Options

We're offering three different options when joining the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association.

1. Lifetime Paid in Full - With this option, you will be a lifetime member of the LDMA with a one-time membership payment. There will be ongoing annual maintenance payments of $144/year.

2. Lifetime with a Down Payment - Get Lifetime Membership status with just $500 down and $50/month until paid in full. This option requires maintenance of $144/year.

3. Annual Membership - Looking to try LDMA Membership without the Lifetime commitment? Introducing the new LDMA Annual Membership. This option is typically $695 for 12 months of membership and no maintenance fee. Join now and save $100.

How Much Gold Do I Get

With this limited time LDMA Membership Drive, we're offering every new sign up a complimentary paydirt bag with a minimum $100 worth of gold. In random bags, we'll be increasing the amount of gold to $595! Here's how it works:

1. LDMA Pay in Full - 1 in every 2 bags will contain $595 in gold.

2. LDMA Down Payment - 1 in every 5 bags will contain $595 in gold.

3. LDMA Annual - 1 in every 10 bags will contain $595 in gold.

Do I Get Mining Equipment

We're offering complimentary mining equipment with our Lifetime membership option. Choose from a variety of bundled products. *For the down payment option, membership must be paid off within one year to receive the bundled equipment. Call for details.

How Do I Join

Joining the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association is easy. You can sign up right here on the bottom of this page, or you can call our member relations department at (888) 465-3717 to join over the phone.

You can also mail a check or money order to PO Box 891509 Temecula, CA 92589

  • Lifetime Pay In Full

    Lifetime access to all private LDMA campgrounds and mining claims + your choice of equipment + paydirt with $100 - $595 in gold. 1 in 2 bags will contain $595 in gold.

    Join For Life 
  • Lifetime Down Payment

    Get Lifetime LDMA benefits and pay over time. No interest, no credit checks. Start for just $500 down and get free paydirt with $100 - $595 in gold. 1 in 5 bags will contain $595 in gold.

    Join For Life • Pay Over Time 
  • Annual Membership

    Get all the benefits of LDMA Membership for 12 full months with no maintenance fees. All sign-ups receive a paydirt bag with $100 in gold. 1 in 10 bags will contain $595 in gold.

    Join For A Year 
  • Garrett Goldmaster 24k

    $695 Value

  • Garrett Apex

    $429 Value

  • Nokta Gold Finder 2000

    $699 Value

  • Nokta Legend WHP

    $799 Value

  • Dream Mat 12" Power Sluice

    $695 Value

  • Keene Mini Max Power Sluice

    $749 Value

*An LDMA Member Relations Specialist will contact you after purchase to choose your equipment add on. Equipment bundles are only available with Lifetime memberships. If choosing the Lifetime down payment option, membership must be paid in full within 12 months to receive free equipment.

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